Prepayment Program

Are you interested in paying your taxes monthly in smaller amounts than two (2) lump sums?

McKinley County Treasurer's office is offering property owners the option of making prepayments for their property taxes in ten monthly payments beginning June 1 of each year.

2008 Senate Bill 177, authorized county government to provide their property tax payers the option of making prepayments on their property taxes. This allows you to pay in 10 monthly installments beginning June 1st of the year the bill is prepared and ends March 1st of the following year. The first nine installments shall be each be ten percent (10%) of the prior year’s property tax bill and the final payment on March 1st shall be the balance of the tax due on the tax bill that was prepared and mailed.

To be eligible for this program:

  • You must be current on your property taxes

  • Your property taxes must NOT be escrowed nor included in your monthly mortgage payment.

To enroll, fill out a request form in the options below. We will send a Prepayment Agreement in April of the year the bill is prepared that you must sign and return. Then we will mail you ten payment coupons in May of the year the bill is prepared. Your first payment will be June 1 of the year the bill is prepared.

Here is an example of how the monthly prepayments for property taxes will be calculated:

  • Previous Year property taxes were $1,500

  • First nine (9) prepayments are 10% of the $1500, so that is 9 monthly payments of $150.

  • First payment is due June 1 and the next payments on the 1st of each month after. Your total for 9 monthly payments will be 9 x $150 = $1,350.

  • When the property taxes are prepared and billed in November, it is $1,585. So the tenth and final payment due March 1 would be $1,585 - $1,350 = $235.

Prepayment Program Request Options




If you have any questions regarding the Prepayment Program, please call our office at (505) 722-4459.