Transparency Portal

Inside Look

The McKinley County Transparency Portal (MCTP) is designed to give you, the McKinley County taxpayer, an inside look into McKinley County Government spending and operations.

Openness & Accountability

MCTP is an online solution to bring better visibility, openness and accountability to McKinley County Government. The MCTP contains information ranging from budget information to employee salaries. We strive to utilize your tax dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible and we look forward to sharing this information with you.

Inspect Public Records Act (IPRA) Request

Fee for Requests

If a person requesting inspection would like a copy of a public record, a reasonable fee may be charged. The fee for documents eleven inches by seventeen inches (11” x 17”) or smaller is fifty cents per page (one-sided). The cost for larger documents will be determined based on the type of document.

For records other than documents, the reasonable fee is five dollars per CD, DVD or cassette. A charge may be assessed for the actual costs associated with downloading electronic records to a disc or storage device as well as for the actual costs associated with transmitting copies by mail, facsimile or other method.

Records Custodian

The records custodian may request that applicable fees for copying public records be paid in advance, before the copies are made. A receipt indicating that the fees have been paid for making copies of public records will be provided upon request to the person requesting the copies.