Compliance Program

McKinley County Misdemeanor Compliance Program

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The McKinley County Misdemeanor Compliance Program provides assistance to the Gallup District, Magistrate and Municipal Courts through the safe and consistent handling of defendants who are going through the criminal justice system. The program is designed to enhance public safety by closely monitoring all court ordered requirements and in addition to connecting the defendant with other resources within the community. The program also instills, encourages and motivates the defendants to utilize skills that will help them to become happy and healthy productive members of society. 

The Program is built upon the principles of fairness, honesty, and the overall conduct of all employees. Each representative must strive to uphold the spirit and letter of all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures and always maintain the highest standards of conduct and personal integrity. In general, the use of good judgment, based on high ethical principles, will guide acceptable conduct.

Compliance program
-Provides monitoring for Post- Adjudication (Probation) defendants for District and Magistrate Court.
-Provides both Pre-Adjudication (Pretrial) and Post- Adjudication (Probation) defendants for Municipal Court.
-Monitors defendant's compliance with conditions of probation or conditions of release that have been imposed by the courts.
-Monitor defendants through telephone calls and office visits, encourage and motivate defendants to comply fully with conditions of Probation and conditions of release.
-Offer Electronic Monitoring (GPS) Bracelets as offender funded Programs.

Monitor the follow conditions:
-Drug testing      -Community Service
-Treatment         -Interlock
-DWI school       -VIP
-Screenings       -Fines