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McKinley County Mobile Home Tax Release Request

  1. This form is for the request of Tax Releases on Mobile Homes in McKinley County. Copy of TITLE, REGISTRATION, OR MVD LETTER/PRINTOUT is REQUIRED. Mobile Home MUST BE LOCATED in MCKINLEY COUNTY.

  2. Will you or someone be picking up the tax release from our office?*

  3. to send tax release to.

  4. What Type of land is the mobile home on?*

    Choose one

  5. What will you be doing with the Mobile Home?*

    Check off all that apply

  6. LAST Name, FIRST Name (Legal owners)

  7. If no RA #, enter mileage with mile markers, route, or highway.

  8. If doing a title transfer, enter new owners. LAST Name, FIRST Name

  9. Enter new Owner(s) if different on title

  10. Enter new Owner's mailing address if different on title

  11. If no RA #, enter mileage with mile markers, route, or highway.

  12. How will you send the Title, Registration, or MVD Letter/Printout?*

    If you send the Title/Registration/MVD Letter IN PERSON, We WILL NOT be able to process the tax release till we receive the Title/Registration/MVD Letter. You may still send the title/registration in person. We will process and research it once you come in. It will take about 45-50 minutes to complete.

  13. Title, Registration, &/or MVD Printout/Letter. FOR REPOS: Title, Registration, or MVD Printout/Letter with Court orders, Judgement, Default, Writ of Restitution, Writ, etc.

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