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Vendor Registration

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    McKinley County maintains a vendor’s registration listing of vendors, consultants and businesses that wish to receive Invitation for Bids or Request for Proposals (RFPs). The vendor’s registration list is the County’s primary source and reference for sending Invitations for Bid. If you do not wish to register as a vendor, you may still request bid documents and offer bids on an individual basis. Registration documents may be accessed online at . Download a copy of our commodity code list and enter the 5 digit commodity code(s) for which you are registering. Commodities not found in our Commodity List should be noted at the bottom of the Application. These commodities may be added to our computer system, and updated on the next version of the Commodity List. Once the vendor’s registration form is complete you can submit it online, along with a copy of your IRS Form W-9. Vendors not online may contact the Purchasing Department for a vendor registration packet. You can also sign up to receive automatic email or text notification for various categories of goods or services when they are published at . Placement on the vendors list does not automatically guarantee the County will purchase goods or services from a vendor. Direct all correspondence regarding vendor registration to: McKinley County Attn: Vendor Registration Purchasing Department 207 West Hill Avenue P.O. Box 70 (87305) Gallup, New Mexico 87301 Should you have any questions on this or any other purchasing matter, please feel free to contact the Purchasing Department at : MCKINLEY COUNTY PURCHASING DEPARTMENT 207 WEST HILL AVENUE P.O. BOX 70 (87305) GALLUP, NM 87301 Phone: (505) 722-3868; Fax: (505) 863-6362
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