Do you accept postmarks?
Yes, for the first half, in December & the second half in May.

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1. Why is the tax bill not in my name?
2. How are names added or removed from property records?
3. How can the name of a deceased person be removed from the records?
4. How can the name of a former spouse be removed from the records?
5. Can the Treasurer’s, Assessor's or Clerk’s Office help me fill out a deed?
6. Where can a person get a blank deed or other document forms?
7. How can the mailing address for a tax bill be changed?
8. My property is mortgaged/escrowed. Do I pay the taxes?
9. How can I determine if my taxes have been paid by the mortgage company?
10. I think I have overpaid my taxes. Will I receive a refund?
11. If I paid my property taxes and my mortgage company paid my taxes, who will receive the refund for the duplicate payment?
12. My mortgage company pays my property taxes through an escrow, why am I receiving a bill?
13. Why is the previous owner's name in the legal description of my bill?
14. I just bought this property, why am I being charged for the entire year of taxes?
15. How can I acquire properties with delinquent property taxes?
16. Do you accept postmarks?