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The County Treasurer serves a four year term (Section 4-38-6, NMSA 1978). The Treasurer's statutory duties (Section 4-43-2, NMSA 1978) include:


  • To keep account of all monies received and disbursed;

  • To keep regular accounts of all checks and warrants drawn on the Treasury and paid;

  • To keep the books, papers, and monies pertaining to this Office ready for inspection by the Board of County Commissioners at all times.

County revenues consist of property and other taxes, various fees, licenses, and distributions and grants from the state and federal governments. The County Treasurer is the ex-officio collector of all county revenues and has all powers and duties provided by law to county collectors (Section 4-43-3, NMSA 1978). The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of taxes, penalties, and interest due under the Property Tax Code (Sections 7-35-1 through 7-38-90, NMSA 1978). County revenues are also distributed by the County Treasurer (Section 6-10-36, NMSA 1978), and an administrative charge is to be assessed to each entity that receives funding through an ad valorem distribution (Section 7-38-38.1, NMSA 1978). After valuation of all property, it is the responsibility of the Treasurer and Assessor to administer and enforce property tax matters.

The Treasurer also supervises the deposit, safekeeping and investment of all county funds, with the advice and consent of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) sitting as the Board of Finance regarding the determination and qualification of banks, savings and loans and credit union to receive the county's deposit (Section 6-10-8, NMSA 1978).

The Treasurer is also in charge of compiling the budget that is approved by the Board of Commissioners and the Department of Finance & Administration (DFA) and operating the office within budgetary limitations.

Paying your Property Taxes
We accept Paper Checks (Personal, Business, & Cashier's Checks), Money Orders, and Cash for most property tax payments.

You may also make your payments by Credit/Debit Card at our office, over the phone or online (below). When paying for Property Taxes One-Year-In-Advance, we will only accept Cashier's Checks, Money Orders or Cash. One-Year-In-Advance transactions are Split/Combine properties and mobile homes that need title work or moving.

Please make payments payable to "McKinley County Treasurer"

Pay your taxes online

We have enhanced the online payment process. Unfortunately, we can no longer receive partial payments. If you wish to make a partial payment on your account, please send your payment through the mail or stop by our office. When making your payment online, Please use your Account Number as the Account ID and click "Search".

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