Sheriff's Office

  1. Civil Division

    The McKinley County Sheriff's Office Civil Division currently consists of the Civil Processes and Court Security sections.

  2. County Sheriff

    Learn more about the Sheriff and how this elected official serves your community.

  3. Under Sheriff

    The Under Sheriff, deputies and staff strive to provide professional services to the public in an effective, efficient and timely manner through communication, consideration and cooperation.

  4. DWI Task Force

    The members of the DWI Task Force have undergone specialized training and are certified to assist them in the execution of their duties.

  5. Enforcement Division

    The Enforcement Division is a collection of units working together toward common goals.

  6. Fingerprints

    Finger printing employees are trained to conduct finger prints and background checks for the public as well as outside agencies.

  7. Investigations Division

    Learn about the staffing and responsibilities of the Investigations Division.

  8. K-9 Division

    The Canine Team is available and on-call to any police agency in the County who requests them.

  9. Narcotics Division

    The Narcotics Division is a specialized unit of the Enforcement Division responsible for all aspects of investigative response to the illicit drug activity.

  10. Patrol

    Patrol is charged with patrolling 5,455 miles of County roads and approximately 154 miles of State highways, as well as providing police services to the 74,798 citizens in McKinley County.

  11. Records Division

    The Records Division is responsible for the orderly keeping and efficient processing of all department incident reports, accident reports, traffic citations and requests.

  12. Recruiting

    Check out this page to see if there are opportunities to apply with the Sheriff's Department.

  13. Sex Offender Registration & Tracking Unit (SORT)

    The purpose of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act is to assist law enforcement agencies' efforts to protect their communities.

  14. Tactical Operations Unit (TOU)

    This team was developed originally to address street level narcotics problems, but in time proved to be effective in many ways.