1. County Manager

    The County Manager’s Office is charged with overseeing the administration of all professional staff as directed by the County Commission.

  2. Finance

    The Finance Department is committed to proper and efficient handling of McKinley County’s revenues and expenses budgets, financial reports, and records.

  3. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is committed to fostering a favorable work experience for employees while reducing the county’s exposure to liability.

  4. Information Technology

    Our mission is to work with other County Departments and agencies in determining their technology needs and working within the constraints of the approved budget, providing assistance and ongoing support in the use of those technologies.

  5. Legal

    The County Attorney advises the County Treasurer and the County Assessor in valuation, protest, tax collection and penalty issues.

  6. Procurement

    The Procurement Department is the central buying agency for McKinley County.

  7. Risk Management

    The Risk Management Department is tasked with identifying and evaluating potential risks, reducing or eliminating these risks, protecting the County from losses, and providing a safe environment in which the public and employees conduct business.